– is an independent web-site created to help cover the 2014 Ukrainian Presidential Campaign. The website will include: reporting on all of the candidates, their brief biographies, their political platforms, as well as full news broadcasts covering the campaign. Presidential elections would be held on May 25th 2014.

We will start the online process of polling visitors to our website on their candidate preference and combine this information with their geographical location. The results will show accurate information about each candidate’s national standing, as well as which candidate is leading in each region of Ukraine. To protect minimize chances of increase number of votes for any candidates automatically we added SMS confirmation for each user. It’s free and anonymous.

For the last five months, the global mass media has been focused on Ukraine and the events that have precipitated this election. To insure that the international community is able to follow the election through our news feed and polling results, we have decided to make the website multilingual. However, to insure the accuracy of our polling data, visitors to our website must be located in Ukraine to participate in the poll.

If you have any suggestions or comments about the project, feel free to contact us at We are happy to listen to differing opinions and constructive criticism with the goal to improve


Project Authors


Special thanks for their help in project development to Andrew Nestorenko & Vitaliy Borodin.