Ренат Кузьмин


Renat Ravelievich Kuzmin, First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine State Counselor of Justice of the 1st class.

He coordinates the activities of deputies Prosecutor General of Ukraine in the Prosecutor General’s Office and of structural units of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine. He is in charge of organizing the work of the Department of Oversight of Observance of Legislation in the Sphere of External Relations by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and of the Main Department of Investigation of Particularly Important Cases.

Renat Kuzmin was conferred the honorable title of the Honored Jurist of Ukraine on for outstanding service in strengthening the lawfulness in the state by the Decree of the President of Ukraine.

Renat Kuzmin was awarded Order of Merit of II and III degrees, Letter of Commendation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Ukrainian Parliament), Honored Employee of the Prosecution Service of Ukraine badge, Acknowledgement of bona fide Service in Prosecution Authorities badge of First degree and Acknowledgement for Continuous Spotless Service in Prosecution Authorities.

Doctor of Laws, Professor of several Kyiv higher educational establishments.