Valeriy Illich Konovalyuk (Ukrainian: Валерій Ілліч Коновалюк, born August 31, 1966 in Donetsk), is a Ukrainian economist and politician. He is known for heading the Konovalyuk Commission.
The Konovalyuk Commission, officially, the “Temporary Commission of the Parliament of Ukraine on Clarifying the Circumstances and Investigating the Facts of Supplies of Ukrainian Military Equipment to Georgia in Violation of Ukrainian Legislation and International Law”, was an ad hoc commission formed in the Ukrainian parliament to investigate the legality of arms exports from Ukraine to Georgia and Ukraine’s involvement in the 2008 South Ossetia War.

He has been elected to the Verhovna Rada three times (in 1998, 2002, and 2007). In 2000 he joined Labour Ukraine until he became a member of the Regions of Ukraine faction and a member of the Party of Regions. In April 2005 he left Party of Regions and re-joined Labour Ukraine. And was elected party leader of that party. In August 2007 Labour Ukraine members, and also Konovalyuk, decided to join the Party of Regions election list in the 2007 parliamentary election. Konovalyuk did not participate in the 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary election because he wanted “a timeout”.