1. “Why didn’t my vote show up in the right region of Ukraine?”

Initially, when we developed this system of voting, we chose the standard way of user’s location definition using their IP-address. Such method gives only 70% chance to define the right region. This is why there have been several cases when a vote was counted in a different region. Also there have been several cases when user’s location who lives close to the border was defined as a foreigner. In such case the vote for the candidate was counted in a general rating but didn’t show up on the map.

In order to increase a chance of location defining another mechanism was implemented to our website which gives almost 100% accuracy. We now use the browser’s built in geolocation function. During the procedure of voting, each user is being asked to allow his browser to locate them. If the user denies geolocation definition then a region is defined just by the less accurate standard IP-address.

If you noticed that your vote was still counted in the wrong region you can write us an email with your phone number and approximate time of voting and we would correct your region.

2. “SMS with confirmation code came after a long period of time or never came at all.”

The service we are using for sending SMS with the code guaranties to send the message within 60 seconds. During the last couple days we have had some issues but their technical support promised to solve the problem soon. If you notice that this problem occurs again please let us know in order to solve the problem as soon as possible.

3. During our monitoring of feedback on social networks we’ve noticed that lots of people do not trust our website because they disagree with the current results ranking the candidates for president.

President2014.org was developed independently by several employees of Ukrainian IT-companies and this website is completely independent. The goal of this project is to provide an aggregation of information for the support of all the candidates, their platforms, and to check each candidate’s standing by regions of Ukraine. As campaigning for the election has just begun several candidates’ activists have been much more active on social networks but it is too early for any conclusions.  The results of our polling data is expected to shift as all of the presidential campaigns become more active.

4. “Why does the website need my phone number? I don’t want to receive more spam messages.”

This project and all those associated with it guarantee the safety of your personal data. The confirmation code in SMS is the only effective way of preventing hackers from auto-voting. Unfortunately, using a confirmation via email is not an option as it too easy to manipulate and automatically add votes. For these reasons our website asks your phone number only to prevent cheating.