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So long-awaited day of Ukraine’s Presidential elections has come. We call everyone to be active citizens and vote. Today as never before the country needs peace and stability to start building a new different Ukraine, as our it never will be the same from now on! Read more »

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Our project is coming to the end. Tomorrow, May 25th, the first round of Ukrainian Presidential elections will be held. We encourage everyone to give your vote for a candidate who, on your opinion, would be able to change something in our country for the better.

Through our project we collected hundreds of comments and feedbacks, both good and not so good. But if all biographies of every candidate and their programs helped at least several people to make up their decision regarding who to vote for, then we can confidently consider our project to be successful.

Online voting showed us the activeness of Ukrainians by regions. And also it was interesting to observe the preferences of each candidate among Internet users.

Thanks everyone who shared a link for our website in social networks, voted and helped out with a piece of advice. This is a great and priceless experience for us, we feel as we completed a successfull project.

With hopes for united Ukraine,


Project Authors


Special thanks for their help in project development to Andrew Nestorenko & Vitaliy Borodin.

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The Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarov withdrew the candidacy from an election of the president of Ukraine. About it reports the UNIAN. The politician urged other participants of pre-election race to follow his example. Explaining the decision, Tsarov declared that the status of the candidate for president “is inefficient in the report of the thoughts and positions to inhabitants of the central and western Ukraine”.

In particular, the politician noted that arrival to Kiev for performance before live audience is connected for it with risk for life, and participation in debate by means of a teleconference was rejected. After Tsarov’s statement the political council of Party of Regions in which the politician consisted earlier, declared that calls into question participation of her candidate Mikhail Dobkin in elections. The last considers that certain “well organized and paid” the group of extremists pursues it during round about the country and sets as the purpose to break meetings with voters and all campaign as a whole. Dobkin considers that it is the planned actions of one of candidates for president of Ukraine who isn’t capable to win these elections, but act itself can’t.

Materials on a subject 15:00 on April 25, 2014 “Involve us in war” Interview to the candidate for president of Ukraine Oleg Tsarov. Tsarov actively supports integration of Ukraine with Russia and the Customs union. His views got a response at board of the president Victor Yanukovych, but after flight of the last led to criminal proceedings under the article “separatism”. To the deputy repeatedly recommended to take rejection in connection with numerous attacks on it. During meetings with Tsarov’s potential electorate poured brilliant green, threw eggs, beat, damaged to it the car. Thus (as the candidate for president) it wasn’t provided with official protection. Early presidential election in Ukraine is appointed to May 25.

According to preliminary polls, among candidates one of the richest people of the country is in the lead, the deputy Pyotr Poroshenko, his rating makes 32,9 percent. In the three of leaders also are the ex-prime minister of Ukraine, the party leader “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Timoshenko with 9,5 percent and the minister of social policy Sergey Tigipko – at it is 5,1 percent. Thus predicted share of voices for Oleg Tsarov made less than one percent.

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Dear Users,

Our website has been operational for several days and we have been receiving polling information in the form of votes for candidates for the Presidency of Ukraine. We have already received nearly one hundred of emails with questions, suggestions and bug reports. We’ve also been monitoring your feedback in social networks. There have been several similar comments and questions so we have decided to address the most popular ones in this post.

1. “Why didn’t my vote show up in the right region of Ukraine?”

Initially, when we developed this system of voting, we chose the standard way of user’s location definition using their IP-address. Such method gives only 70% chance to define the right region. This is why there have been several cases when a vote was counted in a different region. Also there have been several cases when user’s location who lives close to the border was defined as a foreigner. In such case the vote for the candidate was counted in a general rating but didn’t show up on the map.

In order to increase a chance of location defining another mechanism was implemented to our website which gives almost 100% accuracy. We now use the browser’s built in geolocation function. During the procedure of voting, each user is being asked to allow his browser to locate them. If the user denies geolocation definition then a region is defined just by the less accurate standard IP-address.

If you noticed that your vote was still counted in the wrong region you can write us an email with your phone number and approximate time of voting and we would correct your region.

2. “SMS with confirmation code came after a long period of time or never came at all.”

The service we are using for sending SMS with the code guaranties to send the message within 60 seconds. During the last couple days we have had some issues but their technical support promised to solve the problem soon. If you notice that this problem occurs again please let us know in order to solve the problem as soon as possible.

3. During our monitoring of feedback on social networks we’ve noticed that lots of people do not trust our website because they disagree with the current results ranking the candidates for president. was developed independently by several employees of Ukrainian IT-companies and this website is completely independent. The goal of this project is to provide an aggregation of information for the support of all the candidates, their platforms, and to check each candidate’s standing by regions of Ukraine. As campaigning for the election has just begun several candidates’ activists have been much more active on social networks but it is too early for any conclusions.  The results of our polling data is expected to shift as all of the presidential campaigns become more active.

4. “Why does the website need my phone number? I don’t want to receive more spam messages.”

This project and all those associated with it guarantee the safety of your personal data. The confirmation code in SMS is the only effective way of preventing hackers from auto-voting. Unfortunately, using a confirmation via email is not an option as it too easy to manipulate and automatically add votes. For these reasons our website asks your phone number only to prevent cheating.


Dear friends,

We would like to thank everyone for you emails with bug reports, new ideas and suggestions for the website. We are trying to fix the mistakes and implement new ideas as fast as we can. Several updates have been already planned for the website in the near future.

We sincerely hope that our project will be useful for you and help you make your voting decision for the presidential election on May 25th 2014.


In a united Ukraine we trust,

Authors of the Project

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A.Turchinov signed law №841-VII on entering changes to Law on Presidential Elections in Ukraine

Law №841-VII

Acting President of Ukraine, Chair of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Alexander Turchinov, signed Law №841-VII on entering changes to article 90 of Law of Ukraine On President Elections in Ukraine, RBK-Ukraine (РБК-Украина) reports.

The changes enacted by the new law to article 90 of Law of Ukraine On Presidential Elections stipulate the formation of election commissions not later than 40 days (70 days previously) before the election day according to the procedure set out by the law in force, while nominating candidates for office of President of Ukraine to Central Election Commission should be done not later than 45 days (80 days previously) before the election day.

Additionally, the law retracts provisions 7 and 8 of article 90 Law of Ukraine On Presidential Elections of the following wording: «Local executive authorities, local government bodies is liable to fix polling places, pre-election canvassing, outfit stands, announcement boards in public places to advertise election campaign not later than 80 days before the day of election. Price per unit of print area and air time to ensure canvassing is set up by mass media involved not later than eighty days before the election day in the amount that cannot exceed arithmetic mean of price for commercial advertising (adverts which purpose of spreading is to get profit) for the last quarter of a year that precedes the year of election. Besides, the mass media can calculate price per unit of print area and air time separately for business days, days off and holidays, as well as to estimate price for broadcasting made in different periods and area printed taking into account quantity of prospective target audience. Not later than 78 days prior to the election day mass media of all forms of ownership is obliged to publicize cost of air time per one minute (second) and rates per unit of print area in the print media».