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The Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarov withdrew the candidacy from an election of the president of Ukraine. About it reports the UNIAN. The politician urged other participants of pre-election race to follow his example. Explaining the decision, Tsarov declared that the status of the candidate for president “is inefficient in the report of the thoughts and positions to inhabitants of the central and western Ukraine”.

In particular, the politician noted that arrival to Kiev for performance before live audience is connected for it with risk for life, and participation in debate by means of a teleconference was rejected. After Tsarov’s statement the political council of Party of Regions in which the politician consisted earlier, declared that calls into question participation of her candidate Mikhail Dobkin in elections. The last considers that certain “well organized and paid” the group of extremists pursues it during round about the country and sets as the purpose to break meetings with voters and all campaign as a whole. Dobkin considers that it is the planned actions of one of candidates for president of Ukraine who isn’t capable to win these elections, but act itself can’t.

Materials on a subject 15:00 on April 25, 2014 “Involve us in war” Interview to the candidate for president of Ukraine Oleg Tsarov. Tsarov actively supports integration of Ukraine with Russia and the Customs union. His views got a response at board of the president Victor Yanukovych, but after flight of the last led to criminal proceedings under the article “separatism”. To the deputy repeatedly recommended to take rejection in connection with numerous attacks on it. During meetings with Tsarov’s potential electorate poured brilliant green, threw eggs, beat, damaged to it the car. Thus (as the candidate for president) it wasn’t provided with official protection. Early presidential election in Ukraine is appointed to May 25.

According to preliminary polls, among candidates one of the richest people of the country is in the lead, the deputy Pyotr Poroshenko, his rating makes 32,9 percent. In the three of leaders also are the ex-prime minister of Ukraine, the party leader “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Timoshenko with 9,5 percent and the minister of social policy Sergey Tigipko – at it is 5,1 percent. Thus predicted share of voices for Oleg Tsarov made less than one percent.